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Making Diagrams from Text

4 minute read

As we create software, it is very useful to be able to create diagrams about the software that we want to create, or have created. However this can be time c...

Managing Imposter Syndrome

5 minute read

Imposter syndrome is one of the challenges of modern software engineering, and probably tech in general. Lots of people have it, and they all wish they didn’...

Monoliths to Microservices! And Back Again?

13 minute read

Monoliths were once all the rage, but recently microservices have become the target state for everyone who wants to be trendy. Now it seems people are buckin...

Shu Ha Ri for learning Microservices

6 minute read

Shu Ha Ri is a concept in Japanese martial arts that describes the 3 stages of learning. It’s been borrowed a few times to discuss how people should learn co...

Working from home during Corona

8 minute read

Now almost everyone that can work from home is, I thought I would share my thoughts as someone who has worked from home for years, and manages a team of peop...

What kind of game is business?

6 minute read

Recently, a couple of coincidental but separate interactions in my life had led me to a view about company culture.

There’s no such thing as a microservice

6 minute read

Microservices are often thought as the modern way to build cloud native applications, so are containers. The question addressed here is whether microservices...

Queues or Topics, and how many?

10 minute read

Message Brokered systems are increasingly common. What messaging concepts should we be using, Topics or Queues, and should we have a single one or many?

Handling Failures in Microservices

3 minute read

This week I was asked the question 2 separate times - How do you handle [partial] failures in microservices? Here’s how…

What is Digital Tranformation

13 minute read

Digital Transformation is one of hot buzzwords at the moment but it means many different things to many different people. I’ve been working with people on bu...

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Business Messaging on Azure

9 minute read

Azure has a few different options for Events and Messaging, this is a look at which ones help with which requirements when writing business systems

New Amplifi Alien Router

6 minute read

I’ve recently been getting more and more complaints about the quality of the WiFI at home. Especially as there is more gaming, switch from Cable to Streaming...

Customizing Your Github Pages Blog

7 minute read

My last post was to get you setup with a github pages blog, this one will help you customize it so you can start blogging with it.

How to setup a GitHub pages blog

7 minute read

While there is a pretty good walk through of the GitHub things you need to do on that website. There is slightly more to it for a Windows person to get it ru...

Switching my blog to Github Pages

14 minute read

Over the last few months I have tried out a number of different blogging options from self hosting to hosted services. Recently I found out about github.io a...

APIs and Open Banking

3 minute read

Open Banking is a hot topic, especially in the banking industry at the moment. However I think its actually a trend that will have a broad range of effects a...

Using AWS Kinesis From .NET!

7 minute read

With .NET Core you can write and run C# on just about any platform, including Amazon Web Services. This post explains the challenge using AWS Kinesis from .NET

New Desk Setup

2 minute read

I have been working from my home for over 2 years now, since I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina. Recently I have decided to improve my home setup, ins...

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