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Customizing Your Github Pages Blog

7 minute read

My last post was to get you setup with a github pages blog, this one will help you customize it so you can start blogging with it.

How to setup a GitHub pages blog

7 minute read

While there is a pretty good walk through of the GitHub things you need to do on that website. There is slightly more to it for a Windows person to get it ru...

Switching my blog to Github Pages

14 minute read

Over the last few months I have tried out a number of different blogging options from self hosting to hosted services. Recently I found out about a...

APIs and Open Banking

3 minute read

Open Banking is a hot topic, especially in the banking industry at the moment. However I think its actually a trend that will have a broad range of effects a...

Using AWS Kinesis From .NET!

7 minute read

With .NET Core you can write and run C# on just about any platform, including Amazon Web Services. This post explains the challenge using AWS Kinesis from .NET